September 14, 2017

About Us

HighSierraGas-Large Tank

High Sierra Gas was started in 2007 by local businessman and longtime propane industry veteran Jack Mckeehan. Jack (also longtime owner of the Mohawk Tavern) began his career in the propane industry some 30 years ago, having spent the first half with the nationally known major marketers in a variety of roles, the last serving as Heritage Propane’s Regional Manager for Northern California and Nevada. Wanting more independence and seeing a need for a truly “local presence”, Jack set out on his own in 1992 and formed Bi-State Propane, Plumas and Sierra County’s first in a very longtime non-nationally owned propane distributorship. Formation of High Sierra Propane followed in 2007.

Jack’s guiding principal in business has always been in what an independent and local propane provider can bring to the community through competitive pricing, full service, safe operating practices and a commitment to put money back into the community rather than sending it elsewhere. “We must be more than what is referred to in the industry as ‘truck and back’.” We need to answer our customers’ calls, help with whatever propane needs there might be, help educate relative to what clean and reliable propane has to offer and to ensure our customers’ safety is taken seriously. High Sierra is also committed to transparency in its selling and marketing practices. Unfortunately, propane marketers rely on gimmicks and games to grow their business. Low initial prices followed by continual raises, having little to do with actual propane costs going up and down, and charging a bunch of unwarranted fees, other than other suppliers out of the state home office is not the way we will do business.

Honest and dependable service with a smile is what you’ll get with High Sierra Gas.  We provide propane service to Reno Nevada, Portola, Quincy and Mohawk-Sierra Valleys in California.  Please Give Us a Call Today.  No company wants your business more than we do!